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About ABM School

ABM school is an educational institution established in 2061 BS With the motto “Education for Eternity ,The school has its vivid aim to be a unique child-friendly School providing qualitative and practical education .It is eager to provide education per the need of the changing era. It has been practicing Montessori ,play way and activity […]


Education is the most power instrument of change .It has to be meanings for meeting the challenges of the present as well as the future. in a globalized world in addition to knowledge attitude and skill play an equally important role to determine success .Our goal as an ideal school is to impart quality education to our students. So that they are shaped into successful and responsible citizens filled with human virtues of creative knowledge , brotherhood , patriotism, sensible to the environment with best moral values and true sportsman sprit. we are determined and have creative environment to channelize the potential of children pride and encourage them for the excellence in the field of learning . Education helps overcome superstitions , illiteracy , backwardness, gender inequalities etc. it also helps us to distinguish between right and wrong and enables us to select the right tract through out our lifetime . A.B.M will deftly focus on practical work .

Ram Prasad Timalsina


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